• Cane Magic Serpent

    Cane Magic Serpent
    The magic cane snake is restricted as much as possible practicing black magic in all its forms. 
    Power, once controlled, the wizard brings real power associated with "evil."
    This magical cane is not to put all hands.
    This magical cane carved mahogany. A snake's head adorns the top. 
    Black magic cane snake
    Black magic cane snake
    Meaning the magic cane  : 
    The magic stick is a symbol of power and vision (God, magic, ...). 
    Without a magic cane, the seer can draw the magic circle on the ground where he retreats to evoke spirits. 
    Power and increased cane and much higher than the stick.
    Length of black magic cane snake: Approximately 1 m for the small model and 2 m for the large model. 
    * This item has a delivery time of 5 days.
    Price  : 531 Dollars 
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