• Magnetic wallet (portfolio)

    Magnetic wallet (portfolio)


    Door sheet magnetized which attracts the money from 100 to 1000 Dollars a day.

    ° Attract a lot of money

    ° Always full of bank notes

    ° Make very famous and rich

    ° Make prosperous and very powerful

    ° is without totems and without sacrifices

    ° Protect against the waste of money

    ° is not a pact has to indicate, nor alliance with the devil.



    The technique of carries sheet to attract of the abundance in its life with the law of the attraction. What attracts the money it is to be compatible with the vibration of the abundance and the prosperity. This simple and funny exercise allows you to align yourselves with a consciousness of the abundance. Realize finally all your desires in the financial and commercial domain thanks to our Magic Magnetic wallet so called in Africa " Door exchanges Magic ".

    This wallet taken out of a Bucket of Geniuses will act on one hand as very effective protective shield against the loss of money and the Talisman which it contains will attract you abundance and prosperity such as a magnetic magnet This wallet intended to replace in your door exchanges current, a quantity of sum and is delivered with an instructions for use to .Pour to activate you need talismans and mystic words according to every domain to revitalize as (finance, business, games of chance, etc.).


    Size : 9 x 12 cms. When this wallet will be in your ownership she will be capable of multiplying the sum which will be inside time (x) 10 (if you put 10 Dollars you will have 100 dollars during one in the daytime andvalid for 45 DAYS).

    Bitter 45 days this wallet has no more this Magnetic Magic strength thus it is out-of-date.

    PRICE : 1000 Dollars


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