To realize your most expensive wishes within 3 days grace has this powerful mystic candle.

    This powerful candle conceived by king Arabic witch from time immemorial is a candle very powerful which realizes the wishes within 3 days no more and no less.

    This candle so powerful as the secret was hidden since century but today the secret of this mystic candle revealed to you so that you drew to benefit from thisextraordinary power.


    When you squeeze in possession of this powerful candle, all that you will have has to make it light of this candle then describe in a scrap of paper your the most expensive wishes then to burn this paper in the flame of this bougie.dans 3 days,you will see your wishes this réaliser.de even if wish you some money, write in a scrap of paper the sum of your choice then to burn this paper in the flame of this bougie.dans 3 days you will have this sum in your pocket or some part in your house. Grace has this candle all your most expensive wishes shall be realize.

    You squeeze the happiest man of the world because everything will be easy for vous.si to wish you some things write it in a scrap of paper may burn the paper in the flame of the candle then in 3 days you will have things wanted. Even if you liked a man or a woman and even if to arrive at you not has to declare it, write are name in a scrap of paper then to burn this paper in the flame of the bougie.dans 3 days you will see that this person will come to see you for declare yourselves are amoure to you.


    PRICE : 300 Dollars including the expenses of sending. 





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    Spell for protection from Black Magic

      I have not mentioned all my Spells on this page because it is impossible to fit all my Spells, as there are unlimited Spells. 

    Spells are prepared according to the requirement of the person.


    Price : 666 Dollars


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    In White magic, there are magic formulae to be able to realize what you wish. These formulae are used during the rites to seal the act of magic. There are magic formulae which concern all the subjects whether it is the love, the protection, the money, the career... 


    These magic formulae can be to assimilate to a magic charm one is carry happiness used to favor the energies during the rite, or simply be words pronounced during ritual or the same to travel all the rite with a particular path.

    It is about the magician who sets up this formula according to your demand. This one will thus have to be the most precise possible to give all the chances to the magician so that he makes


    On this site of free white magic, our clairvoyants present you the magic formulae the most known with the first elements:


    * The formula of emotional return

    * The formula to find the soul mate

    * The formula to have some affection

    * The formula to reconquer somebody

    * The formula not to meet any more obstacle

    * The formula to earn money

    * The formula to have a beautiful career

    * The formula to protect somebody or you even

    * The formula to cure certain troubles.


    Price list : 500 Dollars

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    Practical guide of the Witchcraft, by Paul Pierre, in the publishing Fayarda. 

    Note : work in French, translated by the American. We find him easily second-hand for a moderate sum. A version pdf circulates free of charge on the clear. 

    I often heard and read rave reviews about this work. And it's true, this book is worthy of interest, at least partially. 

    Hisauthor, is an accomplished and imaginative wizard. Some of his recipesare inspirantes and inspired. I like very much the way she prepares and of dedicates the athamé, which makes it a really personal and usual object. The same goes for his recipes of incenses and potions, his talismans and amulets, his dolls and other dagus. 



    His conception of the magic is rather intelligent even if we feel the shade of master, Aleister Crowley. But chiefly, he has the merit to be practical and concrete, in particular about the way of entering the " good state " to throw fates. What is far from being the case of the majority of books dedicated to the Witchcraft. 


    His introduction left me perplexed. He makes it a fast presentation of the History witch who is nothing else than an indigestible gloubiboulga with for culinary base some of Margaret Murray's hazy theories. 


    The author may announced clearly the color of his magic, black in this particular case, I say to myself that this has to make nothing there. It is an impression which persists throughout the book, Huson is probably over all this. Moreover, he hints at this subject. Regrettably, the great majority of this book are dedicated to bewitch his next one, of credit note of the power on him and to treathim.


    Having said that, it will allow you to discover how work these rites and spells, to know how to possibly thwart them. And it's true. It is possible that during your beautiful career witch you meet socially disadvantaged persons. The kind which crosses its life to be sent let us trust magic in the head of others. During a time, against fates could well become an amusing pastime to occupy some whites in your timetable. If you have not already understood him, it will be the good means to discover by yourself that to concentrate you on the negative, will attract the negative in your life. 


    We recognize in some of his practices of the rites and spells of rustic magic. 

    There are many rites which you go to discover and make even your demonstrations graces(favors) for the practices of his  rites.

    The book ends pleasantly with a chapter in the practices coven, the rites and the initiations witches or wicca. The descriptions are interesting and authentic.

    PRICE : 300 Dollars including the expenses of sending.


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    Désenvoutement : This is the act of leaving a person, a place, that have been put through a ritual of witchcraft or black magic under the influence of a spell, a spell.

    PURIFICATION OF PLAY : This is to break the spell and wandering away, or evil souls haunting the place. What is in a residential home, a trade or business. 
    It then remains to restore a healthy flow of energy and restore harmony and prosperity. 

    PROTECTIONS : Prevention is better than cure. In the life of every day we visit places, people or deal with situations that may prove to be very harmful. 
    My action will be to draw up a barrier to protect you from all attacks on your integrity. 

    My work will be done remotely or on site after free review of your circumstances.


    Preamble : In no case is medical care that they belong exclusively to medicine, you will not have any time to interrupt or stop treatment prescribed by your doctor. 

    The bewitchment, enchantment, evil eye, the spell act on the unconscious and take possession of the person both mentally and physically. 

    This is why the bewitched is not aware of the changes taking place in him and who will Take affected to change their behavior and affect their judgment. 

    Symptoms: unexplained fatigue, non-restorative sleep, back pain, headache, dizziness, devolution, memory loss, ball solar plexus without any medical reason. 

    Fears, anxiety, stress, anger, nervousness, despair, malaise, nightmares, blockages and depreciation will affect romantic relationships and lead to repercussions in the professional life and your financial circumstances.

    .................................................. ......................

    Contact Master Marabout COFFI, An Angel on Earth on a mission to the Greatest Happiness of the people who are lucky to have you on their way of life.

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