• Powerful ring Abundantia


    The Ring was born Abundantia materialization of Cosmic Energy and Tellugiques, Creative Energy of Light at the base of all life. The Evolutionary Intelligent Energy has a divine action. The power of the Ring Energy Abundantia Chance favors, financial prosperity, Business Opportunities, Success professional, healthy and meaningful social relations. She is protective of our achievements and have on all levels.
    His power of Attraction Energy can attract to itself the positive events to our development. The Ring Abundantia is an ally of choice for promoting dating based on honesty, authenticity and respect. It also helps to develop Unconditional Love for oneself and for autres.La Abundantia ring can break and clean the structures of thought that bog us, hinders our achievement. 
    The ring releases the old habits or cellular memories that block the flow of abundance in our life today. It also affects all our lives karmic plans ( anti-abundance of other lives blockages ) ... 
    The ring Abundantia harmonizes vibratory rate of our dreams and aspirations with our energy at present to proceed smoothly to changes in our lives. It also promotes the adaptation to changes faster and faster vibratory rate of the planet ...
    Price : 211 Dollars
    site web http://seeing-coffi.onlc.eu/
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