Ring Astro Métaphysique Celtes of Powerful Mystic and astrological India 

    The Powerful Indian Talisman of 1000 Powers of the double-action Magic Crystal Chakra contains all the Powers and Energies of the Powerful Talisman of 20 Magic Squares but also and especially contains any Biggest and most powerful Astrological and metaphysical Energies of the Domain of the Invisible and of Mystic Esoteric. Thanks to his double Metaphysical Action  tested and proved to the eyes of the world, he acts very quickly from the first months of his use at first for the Metaphysical Protection of your Natural person, your Family and your properties .



    He activates automatically around you a Metaphysical Protection against all the Mystic Powers wherever from they come (witchcraft, fetishism, maraboutage, voodoo, black and white magic). It is a double Protection of Return to sender very Powerful to paralyze and kill systematically all those who swear only by your death and who wish you the most terrible misfortunes the world (incurable disease, paralysis, blind person, traffic accident, mystic snake bite, redundancy, poverty, poverty and begging or even the mental madness). 


    So, this Powerful and former Indian Talisman of 1000 Powers has for Main Function to restore the Truth, the Order total and the Justice in your life social, in your Professional life and also in all your Projects.
    It is a great attractive Talisman Magnetized and Crystallized by Grands Maitres Spirituels Sorciers, Astrologers and Metaphysicians Indians, Israelis, Egyptians, Tibetans and Africans. It is by far the only Astrological Talisman to the world kept for a long time underground (3.000 years before Jesus Christ) to be better in charge and better soaked with Powerful Astrological Energies and Metaphysics. He is only intended for the workers and for the Actors of the social and public life (workers of the private sector, the sector public " Politicians, Servicemen, Diplomats.



    Order from today the Powerful and unique Talisman of 1000 Powers of the Magic Crystal to let the doors of the world open eternally to you.

    01 · The Post which you occupy is threatened, we want to replace you by somebody else

    02 · You do not want to lose this Post and all the Advantages bound to him

    03 · You wish to keep your Post and your Advantages as long as possible

    04 · You wish to be liked by all your hierarchy and to turn the Heart of every your enemies

    05 · You wish to be loved by your Colleagues, by your Employees and Partners

    06 · You wish to be promoted to Superior Posts and to have new Responsibilities,

    07 · You wish to have new Ranks and new Financial benefits

    08 · You wish to have a new Bonus

    09 · Your Employment is not Stable and does not answer your family financial requirements

    10 · You are pursued by Justices and by your Direction for Misappropriation

    11 · You are pursued and to humble by the Bailiffs and other Creditors

    12 · You are Victim of Infidelity side Love and Affection, your Partner deceives you

    13 · get lost little by little the Confidence of your Bosses, Partners, Partners and Financiers

    14 · Your Merits are never recognized and never rewarded except nevertheless, to work you

    15 well · You work and multiply the efforts every day and every night for none nothing

    16 · Your work and your efforts are not followed by consequent Financial effects

    17 · You wish to gain of first prize at the bingo, at the PMU , at the euro one million and other games of.

    20 · You wish to hypnotize all your Direction, all your Bosses so that they love you, so that they made you confidence, so that they confide you many Responsibilities and so that they increase considerably your Bonuses and your Operating budget

    21 · You had accommodated, is nourishing, cleared and supported financially parents, parents-in-law(ste, brothers, friends, knowledge and the same of the foreigners

    22 · You had solved the Problems of others, you had got out of trouble them, you had protected them against any humiliation, against any danger and in return it belongs to you that they want to hurt. 
    Instead of turning you benefaction, they turn you the evil, the treason, the wickedness, the hatred, the jealousy, the curse but be quiet and reassured because this Powerful

    23 · You wish to have one very Astrological Energy major power to destroy and return to the nothingness all the evil which your enemies prepare in the shade against you. That your enemies become confused, confess and sit down to eat in front of you thanks to the power which you will have and especially thanks to the powerful mystic fire which will burn them. That the evil and all the negative energies intended for you return to their senders by producing an effect 1000 times as powerful to kill them systematically all at once.


    To have all the Powers and quoted Energies higher, to benefit from all the benefactions of this Powerful Indian Talisman, do not look at the Money which it will cost you, do not look at the financial effort which you go to make to get him to you but look rather at what this brilliant Talisman will bring you as profits in the days to come, look and think of the life that you go to lead fairly soon, look at the business, at the business trips, at the businesses which you go to begin , watch being able to him that it will give you, look at the peace of the heart, at the health, at the stability, at the wealth and at prosperity that this powerful Talisman is going to get you. Nobody will make him for your place, each fights for him and for the family.If you lik each other, if you love your family, if you really wish to change your way of living, if you wish to become very rich, prosperous, powerful and impressive, make this sacrifice and pay the sum which you need to offer yourselves the powerful and former Talisman of 1000 Powers of the Astrological Magic Crystal.



    Made as several Million Persons in the world who paid out enormous sums of money to be where they are today, these persons use discreetly the Powerful and former Talisman of 1000 Powers of the Astrological Magic Crystal. You see every day several very rich persons around you, you see every day how these persons become more and more rich, prosperous and powerful, think that it is simple. But not, these persons will never say to you their well-kept secrets.It is simply the Powerful and former Talisman of 1000 Powers of the Astrological Magic Crystal which allows them to glide over the world, which allows them to dominate all their competitors and opponents and to become very rich, prosperous and impressive.


    Thanks to this quite Last and powerful Talisman, they manage of a strong and powerful hand, their own Business, their Companies, manage Multinationals, manage Companies, state-owned and international Companies which we confide them, succeed where former bosses failed, succeed where experts failed, succeed where the humanity fails. The Powerful and former Talisman of 1000 Powers of the Astrological Magic Crystal allows them today to live better, to trust of all, to grow rich in a inestimable way, to be protected against any mystic power, to have a good Woman, beautiful Intelligent and respectful children.


    Talisman delivered with a Note + the Powerful and famous Flavor  of 1000 Astrological Magic powers .

    America: 655  Dollars

    I noticed the sale of identical talismans ,
    The talismans  sold on these sites are not magnetized.
    Reception: he is to be planned a deadline of week in 10 working days as from the payment.
    My magnetized talismans are untraceable somewhere else, they establish an exclusivity.

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