The of all times Good news.

    You who had big one money troubles
    You who had debts in all directions
    You who wanted to be a Rich and powerful man
    Here are canaries which I took 41 DAYS and 41 NIGHTS has to have the formulation to the spirits of the fortune and the wealth for you help has to settle all your money troubles .
    It canaries mystic crowned is extremely powerful and of whom I am the only holder of the formulation will allow you to settle all your concerns regarding money of project and other initiative requiring financial means.

    It canaries mystic crowned prepared by me even is one canaries which will bring you the wealth within 3 days.

    The first day or you go to take up it canaries, he will create you 30 000 Dollars and three days later, canaries will ask you some animal blood and it is necessary he given this blood otherwise, it will not create you any more of money.
    It is necessary to make a sacrifice animal every year has it canaries.
    It canaries will vomit you 30000 Dollars every 3 days. 


    It is one canaries which will open you the doors of the wealth.
    All what you have have to give to him in return is a sacrifice of blood of animal
    If you do not make him the sacrifice animal, it canaries will not create you any more some money and will not be that simple one statue as the others...

    Made fast your order.

    PRICE : 2000 Dollars including the expenses of sending.

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  • Business Astrology Consultation 




    Any business has inherent ups and downs. Are you contemplating any expansion or change in line of business. Find out from this report as to what is best for you in the present set of circumstances. All this is analyzed with the main business objective of increasing your profits. To satisfy your curiosity to know the future and solve your problems through astrology, we  suggest unique vedic remedial measures to solve chronic and critical human problems in day-to-day life. Our Astro experts would suggest you the suitable remedies, which could be wearing of Gem Stone Rings or Amulet or performing regular puja of Yantra or Mantra Chanting. If necessary we would recommend you to perform specific puja for a particular planet.

    For giving you best possible services we suggest unique remedial measures to solve your Family/Career/Money/Finance and Business related problems. Due care is taken while analyzing your Horoscope and suggesting unique and usually easy  Astro-Remedies in solving all kinds of Business problems. 


    Business Astrology Consultation & Predictions 


    Pricing: 145$ 



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  • Astrology Money Forecast Report


     Astrology Money Forecast Report 

    This report is your guide to understanding your earning and saving potential. Get insight into your own attitudes to money, as well as how astrology can or can't be used with the stock market and gambling. Our personalized readings can help you discover what's in store for your job and career over the next few months, they can help you figure the best and worst timing for your important proposalsand presentations. Through these readings, you will receive a more detailed picture of your career identity, needs, and talents.

    For giving you best possible services we suggest unique remedial measures to solve your Money/Finance and Career related problems. Due care is taken while analyzing your Horoscope and suggesting unique and usually easy  Astro-Remedies in solving all kinds of Job,Money,Career or Business problems. 


    Money Forecast Report 


    Pricing: 145$ 



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  • Return Affection

    You wish to appeal to a real professional of the return of affection and to obtain effective results , contact MASTER  COFFI who is going to help you to make return him to be liked. 
    For any works, an estimate will be established to you.
    After signature, no additional sum will be asked you. 
    You can join him to the telephone

    We advise you strongly MASTER COFFI who crossed successfully our selection criteria.


    Indeed, when him to be liked leave you, it is the confusion, we do not know any more towards whom to turn . We wish to appeal to specialists of the return of affection, but in front of the profusion of the offer, we do not know any more towards whom to settle. The risk of making a mistake is big all the more as the decision is above all based on the emotional. After long searches , and a work of very important, we doubtless selected MASTER COFFI


    Here are the reasons of this choice:

    His longevity : MASTER Seeing COFFI practices for 25 years. 
    This longevity is the undeniable proof of its seriousness. Indeed, if she practices since so for a long time, it is because effectively, he obtained results for his customers who are satisfied, and become faithful. It is enough to see the numerous testimonies available on its cabinet . 
    His clientele is global and many of his customers contacts him thanks to the word of mouth.


    His experience : on a duration of 25 years, we acquire skills more important than a beginner.

    This experience allows MASTER COFFI to have a speed in the understanding of the problems. She so has the capacity to answer as quickly as possible your questions, and especially to bring you effective solutions.
    His transparency: the prices of his consultations and his works are clear from the beginning.



    His accessibility : MASTER COFFI has " pine Bénin - Adja City  "; he possesses a cabinet of clairvoyance in Africa in Benin in which he exercises , besides his phone private consultations. His contact is accessibleto all and all all over the world integer in 0022995092699.



     Price  : 500 Dollars  



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  • ENGLISH                                                      FRENCH 

    Master the Medium COFFI is known to the general public - since its passage through the issuance of Dechavanne "The evening of the strange" released in 2008 on TF1. It is a powerful indicator marabout and enjoys a solid reputation in Africa. Mr. COFFI important powers of clairvoyance and witchcraft. It is a famous master of the occult Africa. Effectiveness occult powers that Marabout is known Africans in Paris, the Paris region and other regions in the world as evidenced by the importance of visitors and visitors. 
    Master your COFFI Medium  is recommended by all major guides clairvoyance and others. He received in 2007 the "golden medium" of the International Exhibition of Paris in FRANCE Tarot. It boasts a thriving clientele who also consults for maraboutage occult and all interventions. Your marabout medium is a man of God, he travels around the world at the request of a loyal and important customers. Master COFFI reputation has been established for over 20 years. This is the marabout trade and couples. With African magic, he knows cheating spouses to compel submission. Your Master is renowned for Medium attach the love of many women and many men have achieved peace of torque thanks to him and the return of the beloved. African immigrants have built their careers through his occult powers. 
    A Medium Marabout who is being talked about. Bruno is the master COFFI marabout who was named "Best LED Marabout" of the year by the readers survey of Amina. It requires love, loyalty, protection and others. Consultation clairvoyance Master COFFI has a growing audience since he won the Golden Nostradamus clairvoyance 1994. Prof.. COFFI is a Medium Marabou appreciated by the general public - for its live psychic consultation he gave on Radio - Courtesy and BFM. Voodoo high priest AFRICA BENIN especially in immediate action. I have gifts and powers thousands of terrible and true magic to help you in all areas of life better by giving you a solution, a cure, a satisfaction to all your problems such as: 
    Affection of love, Luck, Tarot, Wealth, désenvoutement, Justice, Consultations, Anti-bullet, Travel, Glory, Suitcase magic in your life Promotion, Trade Buy, modern medicine, or Alliance Pact with the Devil, incurable disease AIDS pure clairvoyance, mediumship, Powerful protections, Business Assistance, Impotence sexual attraction to customers, stop drinking, Stop, Tobacco, Fertility, Family Agreement, Driver's License, Shyness, Competition Authorities, The Spells, Examinations, Magic, the Spells, Talismans Mystics, Debts, Voodoo Dolls, Formulas money, books Magical Consultations. 
    Famous COFFI is important personalities African Marabou and rich merchants. 
    This Master Medium COFFI the occult provides the chance for money and weddings. This is the Marabout COFFI who answered questions from listeners to Radio - Maghreb. It is also a healer known for his knowledge of exotic herbs. Professor COFFI is un-sorcerer whose formidable occult powers permanently attach unfaithful spouses in love and his occult powers were transmitted through the lineage of his ancestors and witches in France it is known to attach and to give couples the chance .Powerful clairvoyance with this pure African Medium Master course that major international exhibitions of clairvoyance where he has already won three awards, including two "Nostradamus". 

    Contact Clairvoyant Seeing


    Enclose a stamped envelope with a picture to go faster. You can reach me by e-mail also: Direct contact with the :

    Contact Master COFFI 0022995092699

    Contact Master COFFI : 0022995092699.
    Emails : mastercoffi@hotmail.fr
    Master Clairvoyant Marabout Seeing COFFI

    Master Clairvoyant Marabout Seeing COFFI

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    Contact Master COFFI : 0022995092699. - Whatsapp
    Emails : mastercoffi@hotmail.fr
    Master Clairvoyant Marabout Seeing COFFI


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