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February 13, 2016

  • An Angel in mission on Earth for the Biggest Happiness of the persons who are lucky enough to have you on their path of life.


    For all your problemsReturn of Affection , Wealth, Talismans, Witchcraft,Magic, bewitchments, Stable and definitive Work, attraction of clientele, Luck, Clairvoyance, Formulae of the money, Driving licences, Consultations, rich future, incurable Diseases AIDS.



    Visit too on :

    You believe to have tried everything without results, call me!!
    Fast and serious work. Known and respected for the quality of its work.
    Also work by correspondence. 
    Testimonies of the satisfied Customers:
    Martin of the USA:
    Grace has his talismans the luck in the games bingo and fate, I gained 43 000 Dollars. It is one of more beautiful days of my life.
    All my gratitude and thank you for your forecasts... 
    Carole of  the California :
    " I was a little lost and I admit that this service of divination really lit me, at every level. My relation with Jérôme was rather strange, he left then returned non-stop and I needed to review, to know what he really felt for me. Fortunately, I called this service and a very capable witch took my case in hand. Today, I much more see clearly there in my life and I am happy. Finally. "
    Take advantage and you will never be disappointed.
    Albert of Spain:
    If all the Mediums Clairvoyants were right as you Master COFFI.
    All my congratulations for your surprising clairvoyance and your ritual works... 
    Line of England:
    Which enjoyment since a few days. 
    Alain asked me in marriage, as you announced it and your ritual executed works " it would come in a few days ".
    Really you are a clergyman. An Angel in mission according to your slogan. Infinitely thank you. 
    Lydia's testimony : China .
    " My life was totally upset continuation from my husband, 4 years ago. I lived a very difficult period particularly unstable coach on the personal and professional plan. My husband left me suddenly further to a business trip in Thailand. When he returned, he was particularly distant and I did not know why. Fortunately, I had knowledge of this service of very successful medium and they opened me eyes. The person who took care of me asked me no question because he worked by flash. He predicted me that my husband was going to return, that he had made an error of route but that he always loved me. He said to me that he was going to return, that the Thai was only a whim and effectively, he returned towards me. Of their quoted they made ritual works on the definitive return and the control of my husband. I put a lot of time to forgive him, but today, we are together and happier than ever! Thanks to all and to all to have read to me, I kiss you and wish you good luck. "
    Sending of the commands by the Agency DHL.
    Order your products and Make realize your works , Payment by secure and reliable transfer.
    Western Union - Money Gram
    This illegible scrawl(book of magic spells) is of an extremely enormous power to the point that you can make all that you wish. ............
    Price : 399 Dollars
    Ring Magic Nizama Pour La Richesse, The Abundance, And The Good Fortune.
    This magic ring can be prepared under the shape of one ring so so wished. He transformed beggars into kings within three months........
    Price : 199 Dollars
    Ring Magic Asha Sidha for Blessings, favors , favors from Planets.
    Multi-purpose special remedy, 12 combined wishes or any specific desire. Supplied in an archetypal delicious ring by calling 9 planets for the life .............
    Price : 199 Dollars
    Chinese Magic ring Of Good luck To the Chinese and antique Secret Powers.
    Faithful reproduction of an antique Chinese kavacha, this Chinese magic ring is with the great natural powers which command fortunes of each of us..........
    Price : 199 Dollars
    Ring Magic Shanta for The professional success.
    Success in the court, the employment, the promotions , the examinations, the long life, famous, the good health, the protection against the bad planets, the spirits and the enemies, the personal influence, return to sender perpetual..
    Price : 229 Dollars
    Attraction Irresistible love 
    As soon as you carry this ring, occurs a soft current of electric light which quickly circulates through all your body. This current reloads all your being of powers. Destroyed at the same time the diseases. Offer new energy and a new power to any low body. More.........
    Price : 333 Dollars
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Summon Angel Wealth



Invocation of the Angel of Wealth
The formula of this spiritual invocation is for people who want to be rich and live in luxury but suffer for years and have no hope when there is good news. THIS SPIRITUAL INVOCATION will allow you to change your life and see your dream come true to be a millionaire. Once you have the talisman of invocation and the words of invocation of mystical spiritual, you will see with your own eyes an angel dressed in all white will appear before you.
Once the angel of wealth will appear, it will ask you to make three wishes that you want done in your life.
So you have to tell him your three wishes and wishes will be carried out by the angel on the spot.

If you say, for example, the wealth, the angel will bring you a sum of money that will never end as soon as you use more money, the more it increases.
For example, if you are an entrepreneur and you want to make an offer and you are asking the angel offers easy access to this market.
For example, if you dream of becoming famous in music or in football and you ask it to the angel, and you realize that you know a huge celebrity in your field.
Price :  333 Dollars
Sunday, June 16th 2013 at 10h29 in Secret of the wealth
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Special special offer
  • *******************************************************
    To realize your most expensive wishes within 3 days favor has this powerful mystic candle you squeeze the happiest man of the world because everything will be easy for vous.si to wish you..
    Price : 300 Dollars
    The magnetized Wallet which attracts the money from 100 to 1000 € a day.
    Also serves for other domains as (finance, business , games of chance, etc.) thanks to his formula...
    Price : 1000 Dollars
    This very special power is prepared on the holy mountains with mystic powers and prayers to attract the sex set in 48 hours..........
    Price : 300 Dollars
    To have money every day thanks to a Suitcase Magnetized ? 
    Magnetize oneself a Suitcase which will have for mission to attract bank notes in local cuts? 
    Try the Suitcase magnetized for more wealth, prosperity and economic freedom.............
    Price : 2500 Dollars
    Bracelet of Shiva positivity.
    Elastic approximately 2 cms on 1,5 cms, the eye of Cyclops called also Eye of Shiva Apporte simplicity and positivity. Dissipate the anger and the jealousy. Makes less selfish and less envious. Favor the peace and the modesty.
    This bracelet is what we call ' king of the positivity " More
    Price : 174 Dollars
    Magic medallion:
    To cleanse his spiritual and psychic waves, to change an unfavorable fate, He holds the power to realize and to make visible God's energy power, his symbol is the flash of lightning.
    The Angel Nikaël is master of time , it is him who governs the seasons, the years, the cycles. The evolution of any things passes by the destruction to be more reborn.......
    Price : 366 Dollars
    24/7 on-line support Master COFFI
    Available Medium COFFI for any particular demand .
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