This talisman very special was prepared in a cemetery. L' spirit of the BARON ON SATURDAY sits inside this talisman. What gives to the talisman the power to check the occult strengths of the cemetery. This talisman has for function to make you ultra rich any time. I explain to you how he works: go to take a small quantity of sand in a cemetery. Arrived at your home, put the talisman on you  and to light a black candle, then you take a bank-bill is (100 €, $100, or a bill of any currency); " best is to choose a bill of a big value " .

    Prenons the 100-dollar note for example:

    You have to hold the 100-dollar note with the thumb and the ring finger of the left hand and recite 3 lucifériens verses 7 times. Always by holding the 100-dollars note with the thumband the ring finger, make him cross in the flame of the black candle without he catches fire. Put the bill and put the sand of the cemetery on the bill and say " my verb is creative " .Éteignez the candle. Then Put this bill in your wallet 02 hours later you will find 33 other 100-dollar notes in your wallet . What makes you a 3400-dollar sum in your wallet.



    33 other 100-dollar notes were given to you by the spirits of the cemetery. Every time the need for money appears to execute this rite. This rite is without danger because you concern you the talisman which possesses the power of the leader of the spirits of the cemetery: the baron on Saturday. You also can carry the talisman for you protect against the black magic, the devils, ghosts against any malefic influences. Make I 500 Dollars reach to make the talisman on your behalf and astrological sign and 50 Dollars so that 3 lucifériens verses are formulated according to your birthday. If you are interested in this rite to send I by e-mail your name and date of birth and photo of you.



    Price list : 500 Dollars 



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