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    Medium COFFI gathers for you the best servicesof medium, recognized for its gifts of clairvoyance, the quality and the seriousness of its predictions. My specialities: pure clairvoyance, edition of the Tarots, the astrology, the numerology, the analysis of the dreams, the dowsing...The medium COFFI which you will have chosen among the most famous clairvoyants and the clairvoyants of Europe and whole world, will answer your questions in the domains which worry you: love, work, money, family, in mind of an extralucid clairvoyance, of an exact and precise clairvoyance and of a serious clairvoyance.
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    My felt and my flashes allow me to enter in connection with your energies to make you precise predictions. 
    My clairvoyance is a declaration of principles which I exercise with seriousness for 30 years. I am Medium pure and to deepen, I also use the Tarots and the numerology. Clear-sighted and clear audience, I shall help you and shall light you thanks to my extra-sensory faculties and my flashes. Seeing pure and clear feeling, the tarot serves me as guide of concentration to have my premonitions, visions and flash at the right time. 
    By means of the guides of my Divinities, I shall clear up your fate so that you found a real sensation of well-being. 
    Thanks to my visions, to the tarot, to the pendulum and to the astrology, I shall advise you according to the messages that I receive from my Divinities. Master COFFI, clear-sighted and clear audience, I receive messages of my spiritual Geniuses . I am there to guide you on your path of life. Medium since almost 30 years, I shall guide you in your life choices by getting in touch with those whom I call the Divinities of Light. My visions allow me to be very precise in my predictions.
    I offer you a consultation of quality clairvoyance.What imports me is to use my gift to do good around me. I offer you a quality consultation to answer your questions. At the same time intuitive, medium and seeing master, I am there to help you with my felt and my cards to answer your questions. I am medium, I have flashes and visions during my consultations. I also read the tarot and I make of the numerology. Astrologer, numerologist and Master COFFI, I am there to calm your suffering so that you are completely happy in your life. Pure and hearing medium, by means of my spiritual Geniuses I am for your listening to relieve your daily needs and answer your questions with clarity .
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