Soaps and perfumes chance and opening
    All my articles are devoted to God, hence their effectiveness. Authenticated and available depending on your religion or belief and according to your needs. Immediate effects.
    With great power and able to remove any blockage in record time, this soap fights spells, spells, curses, spirits of death, bad luck, nightmares, unemployment, lack of career advancement , invisibility vis-à-vis husbands and wives at night and sorcerers for life, shine your star and your aura, increasing the chance, draws affection environment and opens doors that are closed.
    Completely eliminates bad luck in your life.
    Saves games, tests, examinations, promotion, assignment, travel abroad adventure.
    Back affection, do rule the agreement, to be loved and draws the opposite sex almost as remote, promotes loyalty partner or spouse, led him to make a financial commitment in your favor, embodies the marriage and solidifies.
    Promotes unexpected money inflows, loans of all kinds, financial aid, the conduct of business and trade, fight the pierced hands, dry hands and causes the strong business relationships.
    Neutralizes the negative influences and vibrations, strengthens the soul, purify the aura. Powerful fragrance statesmen, men and women of media or public activities, events and political campaigns, artistic performances, important meetings, business or studies, training, test or interview trips to attract guest august friendships or relationships and high placed.
    This fragrance protects divinely illuminates the spiritual vision, hunting and destroying evil and evil spirits, demons, mermaid waters, you completely cover the blood of Christ and heals wounds, grief, bitterness, tribulations, fights hopeless cases. It is the scent of miracles. 
    Fossil earth salt or salt. Requires very extensive spiritual properties, décupe nerve, joint and muscle forces developed mnemonic faculties. Good for sports and athletes, deploys throat and makes the voice of artists and singers suave, gives a toned voice radio hosts in TV applications, fight shyness. Increases intelligence for students and pupils. Provides an authoritative tone managers, leaders and men of law and uniformed (military, police, gendarmerie), private security guards, teachers educators.
    The product makes your hair grow and even eliminate baldness. It is a natural product that rejuvenates you and nourishes your scalp. With Timouin is the end of your ordeal and shame or the gene that you have in front of others.
    This fragrance is an important complement to the soap-love marriage. It can also be used alone and directly. It makes pure love between spouses and spreads negative influences, spells that affect you personally as the other. That fact that no one can come between you. In addition, this fragrance captivates and brings the beloved to good feelings forever.
    Perfume against stepparents
    This is one of the most popular fragrances in the world to escape the condemnation or unsavory stepmothers, beautiful sisters, stepfathers and brothers-hard, hostile to your relationship with their son or daughter . Even if it is the children of the spouse or the spouse who oppose your union, this fragrance softens hearts and consciences. No more troubles, worries and sorrows to cut you desire to live. This fragrance is a miracle product.
    The seven candles of prosperity
    These bottled candles and accompanied by specially prepared holy oil consecrated by a truly great master away the evil eye and hands obscure, eliminates problems pierced hands and dry and strengthens your star and your prophetic destiny or baraka. These candles oiled open your chances and give you prosperity in all places and in all circumstances. Good for trade, business, education, etc.. .
    Holy water against infertility (Man and Woman)
    This water is a mixture of four (4) highly spiritual water sources (Jordan, the Ganges, the Nile and the well of Zam-Zam). This water is collected in its entirety in the highest spiritual provisions can make any fruitful sterile person whether a man or a woman. This is water that does wonders and eliminates any attack during pregnancy.
    Candy Memory
    These candies are unique to trigger the intelligence of children and adults. They have the ability to develop lobes and brain metabolism. It helps to have a memory like an elephant and learn easily and retain what you have learned even after long years.
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