• Summon Angel Wealth



    Invocation of the Angel of Wealth
    The formula of this spiritual invocation is for people who want to be rich and live in luxury but suffer for years and have no hope when there is good news. THIS SPIRITUAL INVOCATION will allow you to change your life and see your dream come true to be a millionaire. Once you have the talisman of invocation and the words of invocation of mystical spiritual, you will see with your own eyes an angel dressed in all white will appear before you.
    Once the angel of wealth will appear, it will ask you to make three wishes that you want done in your life.
    So you have to tell him your three wishes and wishes will be carried out by the angel on the spot.

    If you say, for example, the wealth, the angel will bring you a sum of money that will never end as soon as you use more money, the more it increases.
    For example, if you are an entrepreneur and you want to make an offer and you are asking the angel offers easy access to this market.
    For example, if you dream of becoming famous in music or in football and you ask it to the angel, and you realize that you know a huge celebrity in your field.
    Price :  333 Dollars
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