Pre-order for the special limited edition that will be created during the Venus In Pisces exaltation between  26/2-22/3. Astrologer coffi Ofek will locate the specific time during this period for creating this unique  talisman.

    While in Pisces, Venus that represents love and union, gives an additional octave of  high and spiritual love and companionship.
    She raises the sensitivity to beauty and the arts, and her affection becomes universal and compassionate.
    The Pattern of Venus pendant is Inlaid with copper (the metal related to Venus) at the center. 
    The pendant is designed together with the astrologer Michael Ofek.
    The cycle of Venus

    The relationship of Venus with the sun and the earth has the most beautiful and magical signature and because of this, it is considered the Queen of the Sky. Venus is our closest neighbor other than the Moon. Every 584 days she comes closer when she passes between the Earth and the Sun on her path around the Sun. At this moment, she creates a fifth of the wheel of the celestial zodiac and forms a pentagram of closeness.

    From the point of view of the Earth, the Sun moves around the signs of the zodiac when Venus is moving around the sun and thereby creating her wondrous cycle over a period of eight years (the equivalent of 13 of Venus' years). The small rings are created when, from the Earth, Venus appears to be changing her direction (known in astrology as recession).

    Look at the numbers we mentioned – they form a Fibonacci series. The times of the cycles of Venus and Earth create a Golden Relationship that is known as the relationship that describes beauty and harmony in nature. The cyclical relationship between the Earth and Venus shows something of the quality that was always associated with that which Venus represents in astrology.

    Venus is the star of beauty and harmony; she governs the wholeness and harmony of nature. That which we see as beauty is the perfect combination of proportions that flow smoothly together in a wonderful dance.

    Venus is the universal symbol of fertility, beauty, relationships in general and intimacy in particular. Venus is the expression of our female aspect and creates compatibility, unity and compromise. She characterizes the urge for connection, for merging, cooperation and flow, for pleasantness, softness and joy. She is also connected to a well developed esthetic sense and artistic abilities.

    The cycle of Venus pendant is in the shape of a spiral flower and is formed to hold within its pure power. The pendant is formed with the desire to bring love, beauty, intimacy, pleasure, sensuality, creativity and harmony to our daily lives.


    Price : 345 Dollars

    Le modèle de Vénus argent

    Le modèle de Vénus argent

    Making the pattern of Venus basic design

    Le modèle de Vénus argent

    Making the pattern of Venus basic design

    Le modèle de Vénus argent

    Making the pattern of Venus basic design




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