• Testimony on CURTIS'S BIRTH.

    After ten years of common life and several consultations with big specialists of the medicine, Jean-Jacques and Spotless included that their desire to have a child was not more than an illusion. While they had invested a fortune to be able to realize their dream, the last call of their regular doctor had fallen them as a lightning that they will not forget of so early. But beautiful morning of August, much to their surprise, they had met Maurès, an old friend, who lugged around her two children in a department store of the district. After a few minutes of gossip,Maurès asked them for the number of children whom they have. Hampered, they explained him their situation, en this one had explained them that any hope was allowed. For more details, they had agreed to see again itself to speak more for a long time about the subject.

    This friend Maurès, it's as if it was the sky which sent her to them. Having witnessed numerous cures made at a distance by a marabout who looks after any sorts of incurable diseases or resulting from actions of the evil, Maurès gave them the address and phone number of 
    Master COFFI, somebody very renowned for such actions. Without hesitating, they had then rushed to surf and discuss with this marabout by videoconference.The latter explained them that nowadays, rare are the grave diseases after which the medicine does not manage to look, but their case was rather particular because somebody would have thrown them a fate. Of this fact thus, according to him, only the powers outside our world are capable of breaking the links with the spirits of this kind. Having evoked the incomprehensible words and having emitted by the rumours which look like bangings of hands, Master COFFI asked them to repeat after him some incantations.



    A few weeks after this session, Spotless had realized that his menses rules did not return. The first thing which they had made was to consult their family doctor. At the request of the couple and without believing in it too much, the doctor had made cross in Spotless a pregnancy test, in case, he said, a miracle would have occurred. And in the great surprise of all and under eyes stunned by the doctor, the test was positive. It was the biggest day of their life. Today, Hoping is 5 years old and Curtis their son grows well. Jean-Jacques and Spotless did not regret having had to follow a so long path before meeting the MARABOU COFFI and are eternally grateful to him for having offered them a so invaluable present.

    For those who want of help , contact by email: coffi@seeingmaraboutcoffi.com  



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    While I surfed on the Internet as in my habit, I fell on an article which spoke about an African marabout who answers to the name of MASTER COFFI and who was able to help uncountable persons to solve their problems. And then suddenly, I thought of Germaine, a friend of childhood who suffers for his 15 years of an extreme paranoia. His state quickly degraded to lose totally the sense of reality. And if she is generally quiet, Germaine was interned in a psychiatric hospital to receive the best care. As the hospital is situated very close to at my home , I often crossed to visit him even if every time, it was one 
    Test to see Germaine lost in her thoughts, the blank air, and his state made me dive back into the nostalgia for a time when Germaine was so full of life and enjoyment. 


    One day while I went to visit him, I followed the instructions that the marabout had followed up me in the e-mail which I had sent to explain him my quant concerns
    To Germaine. As the marabout had asked me for it, I repeated a certain sentence to Germaine's ear repeatedly, while squeezing to him the palm of hands. While she began to stir, I continued to follow the instructions of the marabout, Germaine should faint in a few moments to wake up healthy. I do not have to wait longer so that it arrived because Germaine collapsed a few minutes later. 
    Through me, the Marabout COFFI had managed to hunt scoffing attitude who had taken refuge with Germaine's body. Later, Germaine woke up and for the first time since almost 7 years, she pronounced my name.


    In 22 years today, Germaine did not change and she found this joy of life which characterized her so much. She can begin from now on to live again as every normal person. The doctors who followed her have difficulty in explaining this cure. But I know confidentially that thanks to the Big Wizard COFFI, Germaine can again take advantage of her life and even her youth. As for what I made, I do not still realize really that I realized a release from a spell, I know only that I had faith to the Marabout COFFI and that I followed his advice to save Germaine. I thank the sky for having crossed the road of 
    Marabout COFFI and if I do not really know what to think of this stories(trouble) of bewitchment, I know that having made for what the Marabout asked me to make in his e-mail, Germaine returned to her without her disorders then I have only a thing to be said: 

    Thank you for everything, Big Wizard COFFI



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  • Testimonies - FIND A STABLE JOB


    In times of crisis, I knew that to find an employment would not be easy. Nevertheless, I was able to cross numerous conversations which ended every time in a failure because my profile did not correspond to the recruiters and it in spite of my skills. 
    But after several refusals, I began to doubt me and I cannot understand these
    Failures. The following conversations were more and more bad and I obtained less and less meeting. Then it was the total space for more than 6 months in the course of which I contented myself with casual jobs not to depend on my parents to whom I still lived for lack of being able to assume.

    In spite of my diploma in pocket and a file rather well, I did not still manage to find a company which could take me on approval. I staggered under the blow because of my origins
    Africans but I realized that I did not really believe any more in me. My life began to be only a succession of days as other, aimless real and some more motivation. A day, tired by this situation, I decided to contact the Big 
    Wizard COFFI who had been already able to help a friend to solve his problems. I entered a cyber and I really thought at the beginning that it was really ridiculous to fight the unemployment by calling on to a Marabou but I did not much have to lose. 



    I received an answer the next day. Without being able to explain, even today, what really passed, I went out of the cybercafé the light spirit and the quiet heart. 
    What the Big COFFI had written me, I would never forget him. Before being Wizard, the Marabou is a wise man and he lavished me advice which really affected me. 
    I had the impression to find the passion for life a fascinating existence and it was a real beautiful day. The next day by going to the EMPLOYMENT AGENCY as I had got used to making him, an announcement was made for me. It was a real stroke of luck because it was the first one since a moment already. The interview had to take place that very day and I went there. Always with the same peace sensation which I had felt the day before, I entered the room of interview and the meeting rather passed well. That very afternoon, I receive a phone call which says to methat I am held for a trial period. I signed a contract under permanent contract yesterday and I am convinced that all this, I owe him to the Marabout COFFI in whom I can only say thank you for everything, thank you for having opened me eyes on my potential. 

    For those who want of help, contact by email: coffi@seeingmaraboutcoffi.com



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  • Temoignages - GAIN(WIN) AT the GAME BINGO

    One day, seeing the prosperity of his company, I asked my friend Mickael, not without a point of humor, its magic formula to make of if bargains. Not answering my humor, it is with seriousness that he answered me: " you really want to know my secret? ". A little intrigued, I noded assent. Most naturally of the world, he says to me: " and well, I went to take advice with a marabout and here is the result ". 

    • At the time, I believed that he made fun. Then, he spoke to me about his marabout, assured me of his credibility in view of his prosperous businesses and advised me even to consult him if the desire to enjoy a material ease tempted me. Confiding me the address and phone number of the marabout, he taught me in passing that this one is called Maitre COFFIand that he lives in Africa. The consultation thus made remote.


    Playing the bingo for years, I realized that if the luck was a long time coming, why not to help him to occur. I thus got in touch with the Big Marabout COFFIand he exposed my case. He asked me then if I kept my losing tickets because in case I was able to keep one, this one would be useful for him "to work". Fortunately, a ticket of bingo was still in one of my drawers and sent him to himimmediately
    The marabout also asked me for my date of birth and for my place of house afin, he said, that he can calculate my lucky days and tells me to wait. Having had no his news at the end of a few days, I began to worry. But without I expect it, I received a letter on behalf of the Big Wizard COFFI saying to me that I could replay in the bingo and that a few days only will pass before the first prize returns to me. Impatient person, I did not miss the editions on the television and one evening, my numbers 
    Were winning. I do not find the words to express the feelings which seized me: between the surprise, the immense enjoyment and the restlessness which I felt, I did not arrive
    To believe that I had just gained the million dollars at the bingo. I still verified figures 
    Spread over the screen, but very true I had just won at the bingo and all this thanks to the Big 
    Marabout COFFI of Africa. I would not know how to say my gratitude and profound respect which I have for this Sir, who living nevertheless very far, knew how to make a happy at the other end of the earth.

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    I had 17 years old and 21-year-old Victor when we were both on holidays and when we fell in love. Unfortunately, the summer came to an end and we left each from our part. As we lived in distant regions, we decided not to keep contact to return easier things. But what had to be an affair of holidays became a deep love in spite of the absence. Victor occupied my thoughts and I have never forgotten him but I had neither his phone number, nor its e-mail address and not its surname. All that I knew it is that I needed to see again him. Unfortunately, the time passed and we did not see again each other any more. Then, approximately 10 months ago, I fell on an announcement of a Marabout which claimed to be able to returned him to be liked near one. 
    Of course, I did not pay attention on what I considered in the time as grotesque practices. Nevertheless, the idea to try to find Victor tempted me more and more. One morning, I decided to see again the announcement of the marabout and something attracted me in the commercial. Indeed, the Big Wizard COFFI did not ask for remuneration, as it is the case generally and the advice which he gave could be made via e-mail. So, I just had to expose my case by sending an e-mail and from his/her part, he would make what he could to help me. While remaining sceptical, I sent all the same my message. 

    ......... VICTOR AND I 

    The next day, I received an e-mail with a kind of incantation to be recited accompanied with advice which drew my attention because it was really deep words. 
    I admit to have laughed by reciting the incantation even if a part of me really wanted to believe in it. I did not have more than to wait by asking me how Victor could well re-cross my path if it worked. One week passed unless nothing takesplace and moreover, I did not really know for what I hoped finally
    Then one morning by going to the work, we announce me the recruitment of a new element in the commercial team. It was Victor, so incredible that it could appear.
    We recognized ourselves at once even if we had a little aged and between us, things worked at once again as if a few days only had separated us instead of these years. Pure coincidence? I prefer to thank from the bottom of the heart theMarabout COFFI for having made that my path again crossed that of Victor.
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