• Testimonies - FIND A STABLE JOB

    Testimonies - FIND A STABLE JOB


    In times of crisis, I knew that to find an employment would not be easy. Nevertheless, I was able to cross numerous conversations which ended every time in a failure because my profile did not correspond to the recruiters and it in spite of my skills. 
    But after several refusals, I began to doubt me and I cannot understand these
    Failures. The following conversations were more and more bad and I obtained less and less meeting. Then it was the total space for more than 6 months in the course of which I contented myself with casual jobs not to depend on my parents to whom I still lived for lack of being able to assume.

    In spite of my diploma in pocket and a file rather well, I did not still manage to find a company which could take me on approval. I staggered under the blow because of my origins
    Africans but I realized that I did not really believe any more in me. My life began to be only a succession of days as other, aimless real and some more motivation. A day, tired by this situation, I decided to contact the Big 
    Wizard COFFI who had been already able to help a friend to solve his problems. I entered a cyber and I really thought at the beginning that it was really ridiculous to fight the unemployment by calling on to a Marabou but I did not much have to lose. 



    I received an answer the next day. Without being able to explain, even today, what really passed, I went out of the cybercafé the light spirit and the quiet heart. 
    What the Big COFFI had written me, I would never forget him. Before being Wizard, the Marabou is a wise man and he lavished me advice which really affected me. 
    I had the impression to find the passion for life a fascinating existence and it was a real beautiful day. The next day by going to the EMPLOYMENT AGENCY as I had got used to making him, an announcement was made for me. It was a real stroke of luck because it was the first one since a moment already. The interview had to take place that very day and I went there. Always with the same peace sensation which I had felt the day before, I entered the room of interview and the meeting rather passed well. That very afternoon, I receive a phone call which says to methat I am held for a trial period. I signed a contract under permanent contract yesterday and I am convinced that all this, I owe him to the Marabout COFFI in whom I can only say thank you for everything, thank you for having opened me eyes on my potential. 

    For those who want of help, contact by email: coffi@seeingmaraboutcoffi.com



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