The is a very powerful power. All the beads are in a chain form and each and every bead is carved with mystic words and high power prayers are made on each and every bead. 
    Below is a list of powers that The Mystic Magic bead does:
    The holder of this power will become very rich and successful.
    You will be protected from all types of evil and accidents.
    Adds mental power improvement (quick to memories and lasting memory, improved reasoning power, passing of exams).
    Stronger personal charisma - people respect you.
    Stronger power to get wishes fulfilled.
    Adds power to strongly influence other person's mind. 
    to get promotion at work, to get a lover, to overcome resistance when person doesn't want to sell, even for a double price, etc.
    Stronger protection powers regarding dangerous animals to keep a distance and to make them immediately quiet and obedient.
    Powerlook (when angry and looking into their eyes they will feel strong fear of wearer)
    Powervoice (talking to people when angry - they will feel unreasonable fear .When hearing your voice and will obey for purpose of good - for example, if a person attacks another person and the holder of the MAGIC BEEDS shouts at him to stop, he will feel such a fear he will stop immediately and run away or a person has stolen something from another to hear the voice he will immediately give it back or if a man drinks and not give his wife and children money for food, on hearing the angry voice of the holder of the MAGIC BEEDS he will give the family what they need.
    Makes nervous persons to have no fear to talk in front of people, to be Confident and brave/courageous in all situations. 
    Have the ability to see with closed eyes anything of another person or to see where a lost item is.
    To prevent a person to have accidents, such as a car accidents or other accidents of nature.
    Stronger healing powers.
    Adds mental power, stronger wish power, Influences on people's mind,powerlook, powervoice and the ability to find lost items.

    Price 550 dollars 

    Contact Master COFFI : 0022995092699. - Whatsapp
    Emails : mastercoffi@hotmail.fr
    Master Clairvoyant Marabout Seeing COFFI




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