Since ancient times there are people who have the power to control peoples mind. Now on the request of my DEVOTEES I want to bring this power in front of the people who wish to be powerful as the ancient magic masters were.
    When you will have this power you will become so powerful that what ever you will tell the person standing in front of you he/she will do it without asking you a question. The person will totally submit him/her to you without asking you a question. Even if there are 1000 people and you will make a wish that they should turn and look at you they will turn and look at you. All your wishes will come true.
    You will become so powerful that when you will tell the person to jump from a mountain he will jump without asking you a question you will get the power to hypnotize anybody in seconds
    You will get the power to move objects without touching them
    You will get the power to crack glasses or mirrors without touching them.
    You will get the power to light a candle or put is off without touching it. The moment you will think of it that you want to put off the candle it will be put off. When you want to light a candle you do not need a lighter just but thinking it will light.
    You will also get the power to lift your self from the ground.
    You will get the power to see the past and future of the person. Where ever you will go people will not have the guts to look at you eye to eye.
    You will get the power to see in the dark. You can even read a book in complete darkness.
    You will get the power of telepathy you will know what the person far away is doing .If your friend is living far away and you make a wish that he should call you he will call you no matter how far he is.
    You will get the person you like just by thinking that she likes you she will start to like you the method will be sent with the order.
    While practicing you will get the power to see the things you want in the power board the method will be sent with the order.
    Your hands will start to emit powerful rays when you will take your hands near a object it will move.
    When you will take your hand near a person he will sleep and fall on the ground you can heal any body in this world. When you will go in front of a sick person and touch him he will fall on the ground and when he will stand up he will be healed completely.
    You will become the master of the magic art this is complete magic that I am teaching.
    There are more things like bending thin iron rods, moving objects, telepathy, controlling peoples mind, lighting candles, putting candle flame of with mind power. Your hands will get the magnetic power when you will take them near a needle it will stick to it and more full details of training will be sent with the powerful ring.
    This ring will help you to get the power fast.
    You will start to become powerful for example in one month you will start to see results like your hands will start to become magnetic and needles will start to stick to it then you will get the power to move the object in the beginning they will move little but as days will past you will become more and more powerful with your practice and you will get all the powers as listed. It will take you at least 5 months to become a powerful person the more practice you will do the more sooner you will become powerful.
    The cost is US $ 1500

    Contact Master COFFI : 0022995092699. - Whatsapp
    Emails : mastercoffi@hotmail.fr
    Master Clairvoyant Marabout Seeing COFFI


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