• Win at games of chance and bingo



    Win at the bingo or at the casino and at the games of chance
    You have it enough to be disappointed every time you try your luck in thebingo? You say to yourselves that you will not replay any more but here we are, you replay and your disappointment believes from week to week. You sayyourselves that win arrives only at the others and that you have no luck …

    This Rite of White magic will help you to attract the Cosmic Strengths of the Luck and the Piece of luck towards you to give yourselves the necessaryinspiration when you will fill your railing .
    Attention: it will be necessary to you to choose yourself your numbers and to avoid using the automatic system, which would reduce your chances to win because this Rite acts double: he will confer on you a lightning intuition (a "prescience" and will attract towards you the Luck ) .

    Attention: it will be necessary to you to choose yourself your numbers and to avoid using the automatic system, which would reduce your chances to win because this Rite acts double: he will confer on you a lightning intuition (a"prescience" and will attract towards you the Luck and the Money .


    How to proceed ?

    If you wish to win at the bingo, at the casino and at all the games of money , click the button " Buy this Rite ", at the bottom of page, which gives you access to the reassured platform Paypal to settle your command . You will be redirected then automatically towards the form which you will have to fill to give us the information which will allow us to realize the ceremony in a most effective way.

    One of the fields of the form allows you to choose the Witch, Wizard Chamall or Drufo, whom you wish to make this Rite.


    As the case may be, you will can, if you consider it relevant, to supply us a photoof yourself and/or the person aimed by the Rite.

    Only fields marked by an asterisk are compulsory and we make a commitment, good-safe, to keep all the information communicated for us and to destroy them after the realization of the Rite.

    How takes place the ceremony of a Rite?

    Once the commanded ceremony and the completed form, the practitioner whom you will have choisivous will communicate by email in the daytime and the hour of the ceremony as well as a support of specific support , according to his personal modus operandi.

    It is generally about a document there containing a simplified Rite which allows to put you in psychic relation with the practitioner before or during the ceremony to guarantee you better results.
    If you preferred to let us choose as you the person the most adapted to your request, the procedure will be the same. 
    We guarantee you the most relevant choice of the practitioner which will realize your Rite.

    It is possible that the practitioner asks you for a further information on yourmotivations and the circumstances of your demand to feel better the situation and so optimize the efficiency of his rite.

    This preliminary communication can be determining in certain cases .

    We guarantee a fast and effective service in any circumstances.

    Price : 500 Dollars 



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  • Magnetic wallet (portfolio)


    Door sheet magnetized which attracts the money from 100 to 1000 Dollars a day.

    ° Attract a lot of money

    ° Always full of bank notes

    ° Make very famous and rich

    ° Make prosperous and very powerful

    ° is without totems and without sacrifices

    ° Protect against the waste of money

    ° is not a pact has to indicate, nor alliance with the devil.



    The technique of carries sheet to attract of the abundance in its life with the law of the attraction. What attracts the money it is to be compatible with the vibration of the abundance and the prosperity. This simple and funny exercise allows you to align yourselves with a consciousness of the abundance. Realize finally all your desires in the financial and commercial domain thanks to our Magic Magnetic wallet so called in Africa " Door exchanges Magic ".

    This wallet taken out of a Bucket of Geniuses will act on one hand as very effective protective shield against the loss of money and the Talisman which it contains will attract you abundance and prosperity such as a magnetic magnet This wallet intended to replace in your door exchanges current, a quantity of sum and is delivered with an instructions for use to .Pour to activate you need talismans and mystic words according to every domain to revitalize as (finance, business, games of chance, etc.).


    Size : 9 x 12 cms. When this wallet will be in your ownership she will be capable of multiplying the sum which will be inside time (x) 10 (if you put 10 Dollars you will have 100 dollars during one in the daytime andvalid for 45 DAYS).

    Bitter 45 days this wallet has no more this Magnetic Magic strength thus it is out-of-date.

    PRICE : 1000 Dollars


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    How to have money every day thanks to a Suitcase Magnetized?
    How to magnetize oneself a Suitcase which will have for mission to attract bank notes in local cuts ? Try the Suitcase magnetized for more wealth, prosperity and economic freedom.

    Why a suitcase Magnetized ?

    - The Suitcase magnetized always attract a lot of money
    - The Suitcase magnetized is always filled with bank notes
    - The Suitcase magnetized makes very rich, prosperous and powerful
    - The Suitcase magnetized is without totems and without sacrifices
    - The Suitcase magnetized protect against the waste of money
    - To magnetize a Suitcase is not a pact to be signed with the devil

    - The Suitcase magnetized protect against the waste of money
    - To magnetize a Suitcase is not a pact to be signed with the devil .



    Supports and necessary Astrological Materials for the magnetizing:

    · A Magic hotel for realization of rites
    · An average Bowl in terra-cotta
    · A chalk of white color
    · A chalk of green color
    · A quantity averages of White Sand

    · A Magnet Magnetized 
    · Twenty Mentholated Crystals of Color Blanche
    · Four white Royal Candles
    · Four Green Royal Candles
    · A white and new Cloth
    · A matchbox
    · some Astrological Incense Magnetized and Crystallized in sticks
    · some Incense of Astrological Meditation Magnetized in sticks
    · An Important Quantity of Astrological white Salt
    · some Incense of Prosperity and Attraction of Wealth
    · A Magnetized and crystallized Envelope
    · A Bottle of Magnetized and crystallized Global Water
    · One Carries Currency or leather Bédou or in Skin of animal
    · A Copy of every Cuts of bank notes of your country (new bill PLEASE)
    · An Important Quantity of Crystals Magnetized by Color (Green - Rose - Blanche)


    NBthis Material and Astrological Articles can be found to the Spiritual Walked Cabinet of Big and powerful Master.

    How works then a Magnetic Suitcase? How does he attract the money ?
    Thanks to the electro-metaphysical magnetism which contain all the bank notes of the world, grace has a metaphysical astrological procedure of very former magnetizing kept top secret by Indians, your Suitcase will have the power, the magnetism and all the necessary energies to attract the bank notes of your country as the magnet attracts the iron. It is not a new fact, it exists for a very long time in several countries of the world.With your Suitcase Magnetize, you will always have money on you till the end of your life. Even in difficult situations, even in war situation, you will always have bank notes filled in your Suitcase, fresh money and in cash which you can use for your spending .


    NB: here in your country and in the world generally, all those who are rich possess discreetly one, two or three Suitcase Magnetized who attract the money permanently, of big and of small sums of money in local cuts. True or false ?


    Price list : 2500 Dollars 




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  • CANARIES MYSTIC Of 41 Days and 41 NIGHTS

    The of all times Good news.

    You who had big one money troubles
    You who had debts in all directions
    You who wanted to be a Rich and powerful man
    Here are canaries which I took 41 DAYS and 41 NIGHTS has to have the formulation to the spirits of the fortune and the wealth for you help has to settle all your money troubles .
    It canaries mystic crowned is extremely powerful and of whom I am the only holder of the formulation will allow you to settle all your concerns regarding money of project and other initiative requiring financial means.

    It canaries mystic crowned prepared by me even is one canaries which will bring you the wealth within 3 days.

    The first day or you go to take up it canaries, he will create you 30 000 Dollars and three days later, canaries will ask you some animal blood and it is necessary he given this blood otherwise, it will not create you any more of money.
    It is necessary to make a sacrifice animal every year has it canaries.
    It canaries will vomit you 30000 Dollars every 3 days. 


    It is one canaries which will open you the doors of the wealth.
    All what you have have to give to him in return is a sacrifice of blood of animal
    If you do not make him the sacrifice animal, it canaries will not create you any more some money and will not be that simple one statue as the others...

    Made fast your order.

    PRICE : 2000 Dollars including the expenses of sending.

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