• Magic rosary for the Christians and the Muslims.

    Rosary Powerful Money



    It is always said that God hears us by Prayer. Here is the power that gives the financial wealth.

    This string will make you rich, very riche.All your prayers expressing the need for money will Realized  Vos requests will not be attendre.Il Just hold the string in your hand and make your request for money for example: obtain a bank loan, receive a large sum of money from a wealthy person, win millions in the lottery, salary increase, to prompt Labour ... all requests for money will be realized very quickly, sometimes immediately.



    Price : 232 Dollars



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    Invocation of the Angel of Wealth
    The formula of this spiritual invocation is for people who want to be rich and live in luxury but suffer for years and have no hope when there is good news. THIS SPIRITUAL INVOCATION will allow you to change your life and see your dream come true to be a millionaire. Once you have the talisman of invocation and the words of invocation of mystical spiritual, you will see with your own eyes an angel dressed in all white will appear before you.
    Once the angel of wealth will appear, it will ask you to make three wishes that you want done in your life.
    So you have to tell him your three wishes and wishes will be carried out by the angel on the spot.

    If you say, for example, the wealth, the angel will bring you a sum of money that will never end as soon as you use more money, the more it increases.
    For example, if you are an entrepreneur and you want to make an offer and you are asking the angel offers easy access to this market.
    For example, if you dream of becoming famous in music or in football and you ask it to the angel, and you realize that you know a huge celebrity in your field.
    Price :  333 Dollars

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  • This powerful magic formula of the wealth are going to change your life on the plan financier. The magic formula of the wealth is a formula very powerful which allows you to multiply some money of one manners inconsiderable as never seen on earth .Ce the powerful formulates consists in multiplying bill of forks out whilepronouncing the magic formula. When you squeeze in possession of this powerful formula, all that you will have has to make it take your bank-bill (the bill of your choice), then put him in a suitcase of your choice and recité the magic formula which squeezed you to send by me. When it will be made, you will see your own eyes how the money of which you put on the suitcase squeezed to multiply. This powerful formula can you regeneré until 500.000 franc cfa by days or less 1000 Dollars no more and no less. You can use the formula only one only one time by days.



    The duration of the formula is unlimited it is has to say that you can use himall your life without danger and without .Grace fear has this powerful formula, the money squeezed no more a problem for you because you will have it suffisament to live all your life. You will not any more need to look for the money but it money which will come towards you as a magnet.


    Price : 1000 Dollars 


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  • Invocation of the angel of wealth
    The formula of this spiritual invocation is for people who want to be rich and to live in the luxury but suffer during years and have no hope while there is a good news. THIS SPIRITUAL INVOCATION is going to allow you to change your life and to see your dreams to be a millionaire come true. When you will have the talisman of invocation and the words of invocation of spiritual mystic, you will see with your own eyes an angel dressed in every white who will appear in front of you.
    When the angel of wealth will appear to you, he will ask you to make him three wishes which you wish realized in your life.
    Then his wishes has you to announce him your three wishes and will be realized by the on-the-spot angel.
    If you say for example the wealth, the angel will create you a sum of money which will never end because immediately because the more you will use this money, the more he will increase.
    If for example, you are an entrepreneur and you wish to gain an offer and you ask has the angel, you will gain easily this market.
    If for example, you dream to become famous in the music or in the football and you ask that has the angel, he will realize you that and you will know an immense celebrity in your domain.
    Price : 444 Dollars


    This is a very powerful INVOCATION of the GENIUS  and it is for day. When you would have ended the Invocation the GENIUS will appear in front of you the same day and will be for your orders. 

    There will be no rite or of sacrifices to be made by you. All will be made by me. You just have to make the prayer and carry the Talisman of invocation, which will be prepared by me. 

    When the GENIUS is called, he will be under your orders. Under the orders of its master who evoked him and this for ever. The GENIUS will appear in the human shape. Only master( is authorized to see him and nobody else. He will travel with master everywhere where master goes and makes all that master asks for to him to make, he will be very nice with master and will not hurt.

    If I write about the miracles which the GENIUS can make, I can fill books and books , but I give only some details of the things which he can carry out : 

    He will protect master of all kinds of dangers, accidents, black magic, evil spell, ghosts, scoffing attitude , enemies, devils, devils, even balls cannot reachmaster.



    If somebody tries to hurt master or enemies try to take themselves to master, he will prevent them and will protect master . 
    He can steal from an end from the world to the other one it only a few seconds. 
    He can inform you about the secrets hidden from most high mountain and from the the deepest of seas. The problems for which the human beings cannot solve, He can solve them for them. 
    He can give the remedy of all kinds of diseases declared incurable. 
    He can inform you about the things which will take place in the future. 
    He can inform you about places where the treasure is hidden and the brought for you.



    If somebody disappeared, He can say to you where this person is. 

    You can conquer the love of a person whom you wish. 

    The person who will have the GENIUS at his disposal will become very powerful and a big spiritualist. 

    The students can obtain the questions and the answers of the tests of examinations even before taking the examinations, and can obtain very good noteswith mentions. 

    He can inform you about winning numbers of all the games of the first prize, so that you can gain any sorts of bingoes, swimming, bingo and horse-races. 

    The GENIUS will make all that master asks himto make in only a few seconds. 


    Price : 450 Dollars 




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